When Buying From Us

Option 1:

  • Buy a car from our existing inventory in our lot.


We always have a wide inventory of cars, vans and SUVs ranging from cheaper to more expensive vehicles. 

Option 2​​

  • We buy a car for you, exactly like you want it. 

We may not have the exact car and specs you want in our lot, but we can get it from our suppliers. 

The Process:

  1. Tell us what car you want 

  2. Whats is your budget

  3. We will start searching through the upcoming vehicles that match your interest. 

  4. When a potential vehicle comes, wee will send you pictures and specs of that vehicle, as well as the price it will cost you.

  5. If you are interested in buying that vehicle, we will pick it up for you.

Down payment is needed from you before we pick up the car. 


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